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Thera-Med Traveller's Pillow


Default Title
  • Neck support travel pillow for adults and children.
  • Ideal for supporting the head and neck when sitting and travelling.
  • It breathes...no sweat! 
  • It lets you sleep sitting up in a plane, bus or car.
  • Helps prevent head lolling sideways, so sleep is not disturbed. 
  • Adjustability means a snug fit - perfect for both adults and children.
  • Soft open - knit cover means Traveller 'breathes' - no sweat!
  • Great for dozing in chairs, care or plane. Soft yet supportive polyester fibre filling. Open-weave 'breathing cover. 
  • Doesn't sweat (unlike inflatables), is adjustable, compact and washable. 
  • The travel pillow that is ideal for adults and children and gives you comfort with support. 

Packaging Specifications:

Length 34cm
Width 14cm
Height 38cm