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Thera-Med Pyramid Pillow


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  • Pyramid pillow by Thera-Med is the best adjustable relaxation support pillow available.  Features patented 'lumbar bulb' which (unlike tri-type pillows) provides a full lower back support when reading, watching TV or sitting up in bed or a chair.
  • Generously filled with fluffy polyester fibre, the zip access allows you to delete or add fibre as desired for comfort.  Comes in a poly/cotton slip. 
  • The Pyramid pillow is a superb comfort pillow for those suffering hiatus hernia and other conditions requiring an elevated sleeping position.  Sensible wrap around and lumbar support for expectant and nursing mothers.   When reading in bed, Pyramid also has the added advantage of providing arm and elbow support.  One size fits all. No more piles of pillows

Packaging Specifications:

Length 65cm
Width 20cm
Height 80cm