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TENA Men Guard Level 1 (12 pack | Bulk Buy $6.66 x 6)


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Please note this is for a bulk buy of 6 packs.

A close fit means better security, comfort and discretion which is why TENA Men Guards have been anatomically designed. The cupping shape allows them to tuck snugly inside the front of most firm-fitting underwear and the adhesive strip on the back sticks to the fabric to ensure it stays in place. They have a Fast Dry CoreTM that locks away fluid and prevents odours from developing.

Use this product for:

  • The small drips and dribbles associated with stress incontinence from a laugh, sneeze, or cough
  • Sports like golf or tennis, when exertion can trigger a small leak
  • Everyday discreet protection

Product Specifications:

Length 23cm
Thinness 5mm


Note: The TENA Men Guard Level 1 provides light absorbent protection. If you require a guard with a higher level of absorbency, this product range includes guards which provide absorbent protection at Level 2 (Medium) and Level 3 (Super). Level 4 (Maxi) absorbent protection is provided in the form of protective underwear.