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TENA Comfort Maxi 20pk


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  • The TENA Comfort Maxi protection is designed to be used with washable TENA Fix pants or Tena Fix Cotton Special pants.  They are anatomically designed for comfort and security and the Feel Dry topsheet ensures long-lasting dryness.  
  • A wetness indicator on the outside makes it easy to assess whether changing is required and reduce the need for intrusive checking.
  • The unique absorption core provides secure absorption and reduced leakage.  
  • The pad is body-contoured for close fit and maximum comfort. 
  • Buy five packs from the Astley Pharmacy & Mobility and receive the sixth pack free.  This can be done in one purchase or over a period of time.  This brings the price per pack down to $24.16

Packaging Specifications

Length 44cm
Width 14cm
Height 26cm