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Reflex Kitchen Knife (Slicing, Carving, Chef's, Preparation)


Note: These kitchen knives are each sold separately.

The Homecraft Reflex Kitchen Knife range (Standard) includes Slicing, Carving, Chef's and Preparation Knives.  They are designed to be easy to grip and to minimise wrist movement for the user.

Product Features:

  • These knives have closed handles with moulded contours and finger grips, which provide an improved grip to counterbalance the weight of the utensil
  • The knife blade is set at an angle to allow a sawing action using the whole arm rather than wrist movement
  • The knife blade is made from stainless steel
  • BPA, phthalates and latex free
  • Dishwasher safe

Product Specifications:

Slicing Knife: Scalloped edge, length 254mm, weight 125g

Carving Knife: Scalloped edge, length 203mm, weight 155g

Chef's Knife: Smooth edge, length 203mm, weight 165g

Preparation Knife: Scalloped edge, length 127mm, weight 140g