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Pride Jazzy Select -14XL


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  • The Pride Jazzy Select 14XL Electric Wheelchairs offer the advantages of inline motor technology for enhanced efficiency, torque and range.  The Jazzy 14XL has large knobby tyres offering optimum weight distribution and superior traction.  They have the greatest carry capacity of all the Jazzy Select powerchairs available. 
  • The Jazzy select provide excellent range and acceleration by having a two-motor, in-line, mid-wheel drive train. The braking system is electronic with regenerative disc brakes.  The suspension is limited but has superior tight space manoeuvrability.
  • The Pride Jazzy Select 14 XL electric wheelchair has a top speed of up to 6.5km/h and its distance per charge is 24kms.  However, the charge is dependent on the weight of the person, the gradient and the total load the user wishes to carry.  The batteries can be upgraded to increase the maximum range per charge.
  • Astley Mobility has a fully tooled, in-store workshop providing expertise in the service and repair of all equipment purchased us.  We are able to pick your scooter up from home and service it in our modern workshop.  We recommend all electric wheelchairs and scooters be serviced every 12months for optimum performance and longevity.
  • Optional accessories include rear canvas carry bag, walker holder, walking stick holder, oxygen bottle holder, sheepskin seat cover and durable weather cover for when you are not using your scooter.
  • Available in Blue only

Product Specifications:

Maximum User Weight 181kg 
Maximum Speed 6.5km/h
Maximum Range 24km per charge
Ground Clearance 7.6cm
Turning Radius 53cm
Overall Length 96.5cm
Overall Width 63cm
Drive Wheels 35.5cm
Front Castors 15cm
Seat 46 x 51cm
Batteries 35 ah
Charger 4 amp off board
Warranty 2 Years