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Pelican Handi Turn (hard)


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The Pelican Handi Turn is a rigid turning disc used to transfer a patient who is able to stand between two seated positions (e.g. from a wheelchair to a toilet, commode, chair or bed). While sitting on the first seat the user places their feet on the upper disc and is assisted to stand by the carer who then rotates the user before assisting them to sit on the second seat.

    Product Features:

    • Plastic outer turning discs, suitable for use on wet floors (but avoid getting the inside bearings wet)
    • Can be disassembled for cleaning between the discs
    • Can be disinfected
    • Must be wiped dry before use or storage

    Product Specifications:

    Large: 36cm diameter

    Note: Please refer to the instructions for use in the package to find out how to best use this product and to avoid strain and injuries. This product can be used with a walking belt or a transfer belt such as the Pelican Soft Transfer Belt, to assist with the transfer. This product is designed for standing on; for seated transfers please consider the Pelican Handi Soft Turn Pad.