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Pelican Handi Soft Turn Pad


The Pelican Handi Soft Turn Pad is a flexible seat pad designed for seated transfers. It is used by the carer to assist them to rotate a seated patient while helping them to get into or out of an armless chair, a car seat or a bed. 

Product Features:

  • The turn pad is constructed from two foam discs with a central swivel mechanism, enabling them to rotate on each other
  • The turn pad has two webbing handles (attached on the edges opposite each other) which enable the carer to turn their patient more comfortably and with less contact
  • Can be used in the car without the assistance of a carer if the person is able to press their back against the car seat back for leverage while turning on the seat pad
  • The patient can remain seated on the turn pad after it is used for turning or the turn pad can be removed
  • Suitable for seated turns only on seats without arms
  • Can be used on the floor for standing turns, however the hard Pelican Handi Turn (Product Code 519L) is more suited to this purpose
  • Washable (up to 80°C)
  • Air dry (must always be stored dry)

Product Specifications:

Standard (Small): 42cm diameter, 2.2cm thickness

Large: 51 cm diameter, 2.2cm thickness

Note: Please refer to the instructions for use in the package to find out how to best use this product and to avoid strain and injuries.