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Self Help Pole


Default Title
  • Overbed Frame is a freestanding frame assisting the patient in sitting and repositioning while in bed.
  • Handle is attached to chain and is height adjustable.
  • Disassembles for storage and transportation.
  • Powder coated steel.
  • As the patient is only using half their body weight, it will take a patient weighing up to 200kg.

Product Specifications:

Base Width 83cm 
Base Length 91.5cm
Frame Height 180cm
Chain/Handle Height 105.5cm - 148.5cm
Weight Capacity 100kg


Packaging Specifications:

Length (1) 206cm 
Width (1) 55cm
Height (1) 10cm
Weight (1) 13kg
Length (2) 86cm
Width (2) 100cm
Height (2) 24cm
Weight (2) 24kg