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MOON BOOT - Mid Rise or Tall Style


  • The Moon Boot or Cam Boot as it is otherwise known is made by OrthoLife and comes in three different styles; short boot, mid-rise boot and a tall boot 
  • The mid-rise and tall boots are recommended for the following; stress fractures of the lower leg, soft tissue issues, stable fractures and metatosal fractures
  1. Grade 11/111 ankle sprain
  2. Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medical malleolus
  3. Post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery
  4. Forefoot or mid-foot injury

  • They have moulded uprights with steel reinforcement for increased durability
  • Contoured strut design allows the walker to conform to the leg, ensuring a better fit.
  • Easy to use hook and loop straps are adjustable to fit contours of the leg and to reduce pressure on the injury in the event of swelling.
  • Designed to provide foot and ankle immobilisation.
  • Soft nylon/foam washable liner that provides air circulation to the lower limb and also improving hygiene for the patient.
  • Shock absorbing insole reduces impact of heel strike when ambulating.
  • Low profile, rocker bottom is designed to promote a natural and stable gait.
  • Wide foot bed provides increased comfort and stability.
  • Lightweight construction. 

                             MEN                  WOMEN
SML                   4.5-7                        5-8.5
MED                  7.5-10                      9-11
LRG                 10.5-12.5              11.5-13.5  
X/LRG                12.5+                     13.5+