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MOLICARE Premium Slip Maxi (14 pack | Bulk Buy $24.16 x 6)


Please note this is for a bulk buy of 6 packs.

  • Molicare Super Plus is an all-in-one taped continence pad for severe urinary or faecal incontinence. The extra thick absorbent pad ensures rapid absorption and the ultimate in security.
  • Molicare Super Plus is ideal for overnight use due to its extra-thick absorbent pulp mat combined with a super absorbent core.
  • Wetness indicator identifies when product needs to be changed. 

Sizing Specifications:

Extra Small
Waist 40cm - 60cm
Capacity 1310ml
Waist 60cm - 90cm
Capacity 2140ml
Waist 90cm - 120cm
Capacity 3510ml
Waist 120cm - 150cm
Capacity 4600ml
Extra Large
Waist 150cm - 175cm
Capacity 5430ml