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MOLICARE Premium Slip Maxi (14 pack)


Buy five packs from Astley Pharmacy and Mobility and receive the sixth free!  This can be done in one purchase or over a period of time. This brings the price per pack down to $24.16

  • Molicare Slip Maxi is an all-in-one taped continence pad for severe urinary or faecal incontinence
  • The extra thick absorbent pad ensures rapid absorption and the ultimate in security
  • Molicare Slip Maxi is ideal for overnight use due to its extra-thick absorbent pulp mat combined with a super absorbent core
  • Wetness indicator identifies when product needs to be changed

    Are you having trouble deciding which MoliCare product is best for you? Visit the Hartmann information website for more information on the MoliCare and MoliMed product ranges.


    Sizing Specifications:

    Extra Small
    Waist 40cm - 60cm
    Capacity 1310ml
    Waist 60cm - 90cm
    Capacity 2140ml
    Waist 90cm - 120cm
    Capacity 3510ml
    Waist 120cm - 150cm
    Capacity 4600ml
    Extra Large
    Waist 150cm - 175cm
    Capacity 5430ml

    Packaging Specifications:

    Length 19cm 
    Width 33cm
    Height 24cm