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Incohelp Underpads - Maxi (25 pack)


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Incohelp UnderpadsĀ - Maxi are large extra absorbent disposable underpads with a waterproof backing that are suitable for use on beds, chairs, wheelchairs and vehicle seats.

Product Features:

  • Soft stay-dry top cover, which provides comfort while maintaining the pad's strength
  • Absorbent core constructed from virgin fluff fibres, which provide fast absorbency of fluids
  • Soft waterproof backing designed to be silent and to minimise movement when in use
  • Supplied folded for hygiene and easy storage
  • Pad dimensions: 60cm x 90cm
  • Absorbency: 1500mL
  • Backing colour: Blue
  • Pack size: 25 pads