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Huggies Ultimate Baby Wipes (64pk x 3)


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Huggies Ultimate Baby Wipes have the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency to ensure that they clean both gently and thoroughly. They are also suitable for use on the face and hands.

Product Features:

  • Soft packs with hard lids for easy closing
  • Helps to prevent nappy rash
  • Ultra thick for runny bowel movements
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Free from alcohol (including ethanol and isopropanol)
  • Does not contain soap
  • Does not contain the following preservatives: parabens and MIT / MI (Methylisothiazolinone)
  • Only contains mild essential ingredients, making them as gentle as water on the skin
Product Specifications:
  • Wipe Size: 19.5 x 17cm
  • Package contains 3 packs (each with 64 wipes)