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Hip Saver Pants - Slim Fit


  • Hip Saver is the leader in hip protection.  Hip padding has been proven to reduce the chance of hip injuries.  The protective pad acts to absorb some of the impact from a fall on a hard surface. The hip saver pad was specially designed based upon research from the NASA space program which developed protective padding for their astronauts. 
  • The Hipsavers all soft, lightweight, flexible materials provide a most comfortable fit and feel with no binding seams or hard edges.
  • The comfort level allows users to wear Hipsavers all day and all night, even while sleeping.  Ideal, as the majority of falls occur during the night.
  • Hipsavers thin 13mm tapered pads provide a fashionable look with no unsightly bulges.
  • The Hipsavers can be machine washed and tumble dried at up to 95degrees celsius.

  • Note: The pads are not included but are sold separately. This enables user to have one set of pads and a couple pants for ease of washing.
  • Available in both male and female.

Sizing Specifications:

Extra Small Fits hips 70cm to 81cm
Small Fits hips 81cm to 92cm
Medium Fits hips 92cm to 102cm
Large Fits hips 102cm to 114cm
Extra Large Fits hips 114cm to 128cm
Extra Extra Large Fits hips 128cm to 146cm