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Crutches Forearm PCP (Pair) - 110kg


  • Forearm crutches or otherwise known as elbow crutches or Canadian crutches are ergonomic shaped with anatomical handgrip designed to distribute pressure more evenly across the hand. 
  • These crutches are an aluminium construction with dual adjustable height between cuff and handle and then handle and ground. 
  • Theseforearm crutches have a locknut mechanism on both adjustable cuff and adjustable leg.
  • Rubber tip/ferrule size 22mm
  • Maximum user weight 110kg
  • Choose forearm crutches from user heights of small, medium or large at time of purchase.

SML :  4'11" to  5'8"

MED:   5'2"  to  5'11"

LRG:   5'6"  to   6'3"