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Circulation Booster - Revitive 1X


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  • Circulation Booster Revitive 1X is designed to reduce swollen feet and ankles.  It alleviates tired and aching legs and improves leg circulation.  
  • It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to stimulate nerve endings, improving blood flow.  It is the only circulation device proven to help a healthy you. 
  • Recommended by Dawn Fraser because she knows it works .
  • The Iso Rocker allows the machine to gently rock back and forth creating involuntary ankle movement to replicate heel toe raises.
  • The Wide Pulse waveforms are the latest breakthrough in circulation technology which results in a more comfortable feeling stimulation.
  • Includes 4 adhesive body pads, remote control and power adaptor.
  • User manual and 24 month warranty 
  • Treatment duration - 20 minutes