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CareAlert Smart Dialler


  • The CareAlert System is the most widely know Personal Emergency Response System in Australia and with NO MONITORING FEES EVER, its popularity continues to rise.  A once off purchase price, with no ongoing fees.
  • The CareAlert Smart Dialler ensures contact with people or triple zero in an emergency.  In the event of needing help and being unable to make that vital call, the CareAlert Smart Dialler is activated by a waterproof dual button safety pendant. 
  • The emergency alert system incorporates a local in-house call button to attract attention within the home.  When the buttons are squeezed the Smart Dialler will dial out to the first of five personally chosen numbers (a landline is required for normal operation). These may be family, friends, neighbours, carers or Triple zero.  
  • Our arrangement with triple zero is such that an ambulance will be sent to the address in the pre-recorded message.  This message can also contain the external key safe location and code to access the premises.  When the first call from the medical alarm reaches the recipient, they hear name and address and key location (optional) and two way conversation can be established.  Should the first call be answered by a message bank the Smart Dialler leaves the message that their loved one needed help and then immediately dials the next number held in memory because there was no 'live' answer.  It continues to dial through the numbers stored until it is answered 'live'.
  • The personal alarm pendant can be attached to a necklace or wrist band, both of which are provided.  

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