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Bathing Sponge - 61cm


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  • At 610mm (24 inches) in length, this sponge makes it easy for the user to reach those difficult to get to parts of the body such as the middle of the back. With its chunky handle it is easy to grasp and has a long wire neck with a large, soft sponge on the other end.
  • The Sponge is absorbent and has a plastic handles for easy grip.
  • The neck can be bent to any shape as required and it makes it much simpler to wash lower limbs without the need to bend.
  • The neck of the sponge can be reshaped as many times as required, making this very simple product a truly handy washing aid.
  • Sponge length: 610mm (24")
  • Large, easy to grasp handle
  • Can be bent to shape
  • Helps reach those tricky parts of the body
  • Simple but really useful bathing aid
  • Sponge weight: 100 grams