Walking Frames, Walkers and Rollators

Astley Mobility has an extensive range of walking frames (with or without wheels), walkers, forearm walkers and rollators to help get you moving more safely and comfortably.

Choose a walking frame without wheels for maximum stability or choose two wheels and skis for easier movement.  For those wanting to walk a bit faster, a wheeled walker (rollator) can provide the needed support without having to lift it after each step, and it has brakes for safety. Some walkers have a handy seat so you can take a rest from walking whenever you like. Walkers are usually fitted with storage bags or wire baskets.

The kneeling walker can be a good alternative to crutches for those with a lower leg injury on one side.

If you need a walking frame, walker/rollator, forearm walker or kneeling walker for a short period only or if you want to try one before buying, consider hiring it from us.

Walkers and Walking Frames

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