Mobility & Electric Scooters in Sydney

Do you love going out to visit friends, sightseeing, or doing some shopping, but walking longer distances is difficult? A mobility scooter may be perfect for improving your independence and boosting your social life.

Larger mobility scooters are suitable for longer distances and are designed for outdoor travel, while smaller ones can be used within buildings, but have lower power and range. Many scooters can be disassembled to fit into the boot of a car and then be quickly reassembled to use at your destination.

Astley Mobility is an official dealer for Pride® Mobility Scooters. These high performance scooters have state-of-the-art features and are easy to operate. Choose from the wide range of sizes, styles, and colours to suit both your needs and your personality. We also have scooter ramps and can supply and fit scooter accessories such as equipment holders, extra storage, and sunshades.

Astley Mobility has a fully tooled in-store workshop providing expertise in the service and repair of most brands of mobility scooters. We currently service scooters from all areas in Sydney.

Please refer to the Road Safety Rules for Mobility Scooters for information on the safe use of your mobility scooter in NSW before you purchase it.

Mobility Scooters

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