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MOLICARE Mobile Pants (14 pack | Bulk Buy $24.16 x 6)


Please note this is for a bulk buy of 6 packs.
  • Molicare Mobile pullup pants look and feel like normal underwear, but offer the highest level of leakage
  • The unique 3 layer absorbent core makes this product extremely skin friendly while the soft water repellent inner cuffs offer additional leakage protection at the sides
  • The odour neutraliser locks away odours quickly and reliably.  The Molicare Mobile pants have a wetness indicator to identify when change is required and sides that can be ripped open for easy removal and disposal
  • Particularly suitable for those with an active lifestyle or living with dementia

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Sizing Specifications:

Waist 60cm - 90cm
Capacity 900ml
Waist 70cm - 120cm
Capacity 1067ml
Waist 100cm - 150cm
Capacity 1200ml
Extra Large
Waist 150cm - 170cm
Extra Large 1333ml