What mobility scooter suits me ??

Posted July 02 2013



 So your looking for a mobility scooter and your not sure where to start.  Prioritise whats important in your scooter needs.  For instance do you want portability ?  Do wish to travel to the shops ??  Do you wish to travel across your suburb to visit your friends or go to the club.  This will determine the size of the scooter that suits your needs.  

Certainly if you wish to do all of the above you may need two scooters.  If you wish to take a family member to the shops so that they can then use a scooter for shopping a smaller portable scooter such as the Pride GoGo range is ideal.  These scooters come in two battery sizes 12amp/hr and 18amp/hr and if you understand your expectations of a scooter you should be able to go all day on a single charge. 

The medium size scooters such as the Celebrity DX and smaller Pathrider range allow you to travel shorter distances from home on a daily basis to get out of the house and do your shopping or visit friends.  

Larger scooters such as the Celebrity DX XL , Pathrider 130XL and Pathrider 140XL or the new Gopher XLD are big, strong scooters that carry up to 180kg.  Their battery size is up to 70amp/hr and these scooters offer the reassurance of getting home after a big day on the scooter.  

We sell and recommend Pride scooters as Pride are the biggest manufacturer of mobility products in the world.  Their warranty service and support is superb which allows us to provide superior after sales service.  

In our St Marys and Pennant Hills stores we stock the Pride range of scooters and have staff trained to assist in your selection.  Our workshop provides you with after sales service and has fully trained technicians to assist you with enquiries.